• WhaleFlow Senses Big Moves That Signal Institutional Buying & Selling.

  • Works on Stocks, Crypto, Forex, & Futures.

  • Detect Whale Entries & Exits

  • Clear Buy & Sell Signals.

  • Simple & Easy To use.




Why Join 
MoonBets ?

Our Motto is simple: Educate and Profit. Our professional analysts teach all experience levels various styles of Stock Options Trading including scalps, day traders, and swing trades. We stress the importance of education, this is what truly separates us from everyone else!

We are the only trading educational service that offers one on one consultation.

Our ultimate goal is to have you trading on your own within months!

Check out all the free trading tools we have on this site!

We also have a large community on Reddit and Discord. Where everyone shares their knowledge and input on the stock, crypto, and futures market.

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